Content Development

Content development counts in producing social media videos. It’s the lifeline and driving force behind any successful video campaign or content marketing strategy. It’s based on the mindset that it’s not just doing and posting videos that matters. How you do it really matters, too.

Working with Arizona LIVE, content development is more than a building block. It’s creates a strong foundation.

Content development is our process, and it’s ongoing. It involves:

  • Learning and Researching.
  • Listening and Observing.
  • Gathering and Organizing.
  • Relying on Experience as well as Intuition.
  • Analysis and Decision-making.
  • Plus, the Cornerstones of Video Production. Writing, Shooting, and Editing.

Content development is one of the professional services we provide with pride and passion. Our strategic goals with it are to produce and publish online videos which engage your brand with your audience. We want to build connections and help people to know you or know you better, like you or like you more, and support you or support you more.

We use a great way to do content development for your online social media videos. It features the “3 P’s.”

  1. It is Professional. It looks and sounds professional and makes you and your brand appear professional.
  2. It is Promotional. It promotes you, your brand, your products, services, and the benefits you provide.
  3. It is Protection. It protects your public image and online reputation.

Content development counts as much in social media marketing as your grades did in school. Only now in online marketing and promoting a business, organization, or event, the grades are handed out by your audience and your community. These people are your teachers and principals. They are your judge and jury. Plus, there’s one other big difference.

Unlike in school, your social media marketing grades don’t get seen by only you and your parents. The grades you get for your brand online are a matter of public record. 

By looking at online video production this way, you can see it’s important to enjoy big successes. You can also see it’s important to avoid damaging public failures whenever possible.

So, have you learned something about content development and Arizona LIVE?

Do you want to get an “A” teaming with old school content development professionals?

Do you want social media videos that promote you as well as protect your online reputation?

If you answered YES to those questions, you get this bonus point:

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