Our Team

It doesn’t matter which way you point the camera. Zoom in or out. Tilt up or down. Pan right or left. The focus on Arizona LIVE points to Thomas Baldrick. So, who is this guy who can produce powerful social media videos about your business, organization, or event?

Think Creative. Experience. Passion. Thomas Baldrick is an accomplished TV and Video Professional who playfully describes himself as, “A guy with a great face for radio.”


You’ll see. The fun Philly Transplant has more than a great sense of humor. He also has serious credentials:

  • 7-Time Emmy Award Winning Television Host, Reporter, Producer, and Writer.
  • Live Event Host and Video Producer for large corporations and nonprofit organizations. 
  • Author of two books (small press now out of print) benefiting charities supporting children.
  • Full-time Solo Dad.

For more, check out Thomas Baldrick’s Bio.

If you’re thinking, “Fine. The guy’s got street cred. But my business or organization is unique. What could he do for me?” No worries.

Thomas Baldrick has a learned ability for absorbing new things. Plain and simple, he’s an expert at effectively communicating to mass audiences of non-experts.

Need proof? Here’s a High 5.

  1. His first documentary assignment was about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Imagine the pressure on a young Caucasian man.
  2. Years later in Arizona, he was recruited to write and produce segments for “Hispanics Today,” the nationally syndicated TV series. Similar pressure.
  3. He’s traveled the world interviewing leading doctors and key opinion leaders in medical research. Topics ranged from forms of cancer to neo-natal care, pulmonary hypertension and thrombosis. Healthy sign for a guy with zero medical training.
  4. He won an Emmy Award for writing and producing a Broadway TV Special. Not bad for a guy who’d only seen one show. (Paul Blart Fun Fact: After not hiding his lack of excitement well enough, the girlfriend who surprised him with front row seats broke up with him). Oops.
  5. As consultant turned lead producer, Thomas Baldrick helped transform TLC’s “A Wedding Story.” In less than 2 seasons, the series targeted for cancellation… rose to the network’s highest-rated show. Not too shabby for a bachelor.

Behind the Scenes

The Arizona LIVE also has other players who enjoy making our team better by working behind the scenes. They have their reasons. And it’s not because they too have “great faces for radio.” We’ll hope to introduce them as we go and grow.