Have you heard much about podcasting? Do you kind of know what it is and that’s about all? Don’t sweat it. The truly important thing to know is this. You can connect your brand with an audience through podcasting content.

Here’s why. Podcasting is an online audio forum which provides you with an on-demand platform. This means you are in control and able to reach your audience at the times most convenient to THEM. How’s that for a modern 21st Century approach?

There’s no more buying radio commercials at exact times which listeners may not hear because they weren’t tuned in physically or mentally. Podcasting is like having your own personal radio program available to the public whenever people want to listen. This is worlds apart from a TV or Radio station sales executive telling you what time slot you can buy and for how much.

One more key point about the podcast on-demand delivery system. Just like with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu, people who enjoy your podcasting content can become “binge” listeners. This helps convert them into instant fans and followers of your brand.

Podcasting is a different form of messaging, too. It gives you new opportunities to take more time with your audience because they are willing to give you more time. But that’s only if you can be entertaining and engaging, interesting as well as informative.

Arizona LIVE can produce podcasting content with you that people find to be “time well spent.” This can help you to build deeper relationships and stronger connections with your audience.


The Arizona LIVE podcast will be launching in Spring 2020. Meantime, you can download and subscribe to Thomas Baldrick’s first podcast. The Rocky Point Podcast covers all things Puerto Peñasco in Sonora, Mexico. You can also follow it on Facebook. It’s commonly called, “Arizona’s Beach.

By the way, we weren’t kidding about podcasting being as hot as the Arizona summers. And if you managed to survive one or more of those 100+ days of heat stretches; you fully understand that’s quite the comparison. It’s valid. Here’s proof.

How many podcasts are there? As of January 2020, the number is approaching 1,000,000. That’s right. There are nearly 1 million podcast series.

In addition, there are some 30 million podcast episodes available for audiences to download and enjoy while they drive, exercise, work, or relax. That’s a whole lot of ears, isn’t it?

Perhaps once you get past your surprise with these podcasting statistics and characteristics, you’ll get to wondering, “What does this podcasting boom mean for me?” Great question. Here’s a great answer because it’s the truth.

Podcasting can be whatever you want it to be. It can be done in a long or short format, as long as it is quality and offers value. Most Arizona LIVE clients will get included as part of their packages with us. Few podcasts are making enough income to be self-sufficient financially. Therefore, we would recommend podcasting content as part of your overall content marketing and social media strategies.

Finally, we want you to hear this from us. Arizona LIVE has all of the professional audio equipment including mixing, microphones, and editing. Contact us now. Let’s get talking!