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Arizona LIVE is the brainchild of Thomas Baldrick. The Philly Transplant leads our team of creative professionals. Here’s what you’ll see by joining with us: Professional social media video content delivering quality for viewers and results for clients.

Thomas Baldrick’s credentials include being a 7-Time Emmy Award Winning Television Host, Reporter, Producer, and Writer. He also authored two small press books (now out of print) to benefit various charities supporting children.

After a long-distance love affair with Arizona, Thomas moved here in 2005. By 2009, he was a full-time solo parent to his young son, Julian. The Baldrick Boys still reside in Chandler. Now that there’s a growing independent teenager in the house, the time was right for Dad to look at his own new goals.


Choosing fatherhood as his life’s priority pre-empted a heavy travel schedule of TV work. No longer could he wake up in a hotel trying to remember what city he was in. No longer could he accept assignments on a basis of “Pack your bags. We need you.”

Covering breaking news events from the September 11th tragedies to major hurricanes, and mass shootings, and interviewing the biggest stars of sports and   entertainment is one lifestyle. Getting your Mini Me to and from daycare, school and Kajukenbo Arizona (plus earning a living) is another.  

So, Thomas Baldrick ad-libbed. He improvised. He cut back on his passing through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. He applied his creative skill set to corporate video production, event hosting, and internet content development. He did enjoy some local media work in Phoenix filling in as recurring guest host for the legendary Pat McMahon on his AZTV morning show, and KTAR radio program. For years, he also wrote a monthly column in the Chandler Magazine.

Overall, curiosity didn’t kill this cool cat. It gave him 9 lives.

It’s funny to write that about a guy deathly allergic to cats. Anyway, the point is this. An open and curious mind have led Thomas Baldrick into a wide range of career experiences.

After fulfilling a childhood dream to work in TV Sports in his hometown of Philadelphia, he was invited to work on a TV Magazine show. There were diverse projects such as a documentary about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Following those came an array of opportunities in network sports, entertainment, and news.

Arizona-social-media- video production
Arizona-video production

If you’re interested in more information on Thomas’ rich experience and how he’s grown, discover some of Thomas Baldrick’s Favorite Career Highlights and Lowlights. They are shared for amusement purposes only. 😊

Today, his curiosity and varied interests have Thomas working like a multi-purpose tool in video production. He develops ideas, writes scripts, shoots video and photos, appears on camera, and does video editing. 

In 2019, he took the plunge into podcasting, researching, learning, building a mobile recording studio setup, and launching The Rocky Point Podcast.The Arizona LIVE Podcast is next.

In his personal life, Thomas Baldrick remains a dedicated annoying dad and volunteer Uber Driver for his son. He also stays active exercising, as well as doing personal acts of kindness and philanthropic endeavors.

As a true sensitive Pisces male, Thomas enjoys being by the Sea of Cortez and Sandy Beach in Rocky Point Mexico. That’s of course when the popular condo he manages, Sonoran Sun 510 East is available.

Feel free to reach out and connect with Thomas Baldrick through his various social media profiles including:


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