America’s Oldest Paper Boy & Most Distinguished Paper Boy

Don Robins (left). Jack Holder (right).

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The headline not only says it all. It tells the truth. Jack Holder IS America’s Oldest Paper Boy. He is also America’s Most Distinguished and Most Decorated Paper Boy. No doubt about it. Though the story takes place in Arizona, a state up for grabs in the 2020 Election, even Donald Trump would dare not call this story, “Fake News.”

I’ll admit this much. The headline is meant to be an attention grabber. “Click Bait” as it is called online today. But unlike all those efforts trying to hook you into buying something, there is no catch with this story. Instead it is a free yet priceless gift.

Not convinced yet?

Just ask yourself this one question. Even if you have lived a long time. Even if you have seen a lot in your lifetime regardless of years. When was the last time I saw or heard of a fella born in 1921 delivering newspapers?

Exactly. Welcome to one of the great “good news” stories of 2020, a year which will live in infamy.

Here’s why Jack Holder is America’s Oldest Paper Boy & Most Distinguished Paper Boy. He is one of our precious remaining Pearl Harbor Survivors. He is also a World War II Veteran. A U.S. Navy Flight Engineer who earned not one, but two Distinguished Flying Cross Medals awarded for “Heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight.”   


So, let’s take you back to June 1942. Six months after the Attack on Pearl Harbor, a revenge driven Jack Holder and his brave U.S. Navy PBY aircraft flight crew were flying missions over the Pacific Ocean bravely hunting for the Japanese fleet. His was one of two planes who spotted them, leading to the infamous Battle of Midway. Jack’s crew then repeatedly flew combat missions during the Battle of Midway, which including their bombing and sinking a Japanese submarine. Because of this important victory, the Allied Forces began turning the tide and eventually winning World War II.

But let us now go from Jack Holder’s past enemies to his present dear friend. This explains the birth of how America’s Oldest Paper Boy & Most Distinguished Paper Boy came to be.

Don Robins on Jack Holder’s left.

Enter Don Robins. Don is Jack’s longtime golf buddy and neighbor in Chandler, Arizona. The Sun Lakes area where they reside is blessed by many good-hearted, fun-loving older folks. Don is an active member of the Sun Lakes Rotary Club. The organization is filled with valuable volunteers who are regularly doing great work in serving the community.

One of Don’s responsibilities is helping in the delivery of the Sun Lakes Splash Newspaper every month. He asked me if I thought Jack might be up to delivering newspapers for the October 2020 issue.

The truth is debating the issue was not just because of age and exposure to risks. Covid-19 and other things have been hard on Jack’s mental quality of life in 2020. I thought we could pitch the newspaper idea to Jack and make it fun. I suggested we also produce a social media video for sharing the special event. We certainly did have fun, and some.

Any minute now, a story about America’s Oldest Paper Boy will be appearing on the front page of the November 2020 Sun Lakes Splash. Mission accomplished!

I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed making it. Granted, I am biased. I love Jack and Don and have seen the footage many times in the screening and editing process for the video. It still has moments which make me smile and laugh every time I see them.

Remember, this is 2020. So, if you get a feel good from this good news story, please consider sharing it with others. You never know who is struggling in a dark and challenging life moment. Seeing America’s Oldest Paper Boy and Most Distinguished paper Boy could be just the ticket for inspiring someone to smile and laugh, get back up and keep going.   

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