Black Sheep Skid


This is no “Baa Baa Black Sheep. Have you any wool?” By using a construction Bobcat machine in unimaginable ways, Black Sheep Skid is more like, “Oh yeah, Black Sheep! Have you any thrills? Yes sir. Yes sir. 5 seats full.”

From the White Mountains of Arizona comes Black Sheep Skid. It’s the custom-built brand name for Jake Hatch of Taylor, Arizona. No doubt about it. That’s because what he does at the controls of a Skid Steer machine intentionally makes him a black sheep in the safety-driven construction industry.

Jake Hatch operates a typical Skid Steer loader. But instead of moving dirt like he does on construction sites…he’s cleaning up in this side gig doing wild stunts to entertain audiences across the country under the name, “Black Sheep Skid.”  

You can catch him performing at all kinds of events.  They range from rodeos, races, and monster truck rallies, to parades, demolition derbies, and state and county fairs. Recently, I enjoyed watching this black sheep giving fun rides at The Concert in the Park fundraising event at the San Tan Valley Veteran Center.

Thank you Black Sheep Skid for the love and support of our Veterans who serve the Red, White, and Blue.

Jake is a fun and adventurous skilled professional who serves as living proof creativity comes in all forms. What he has created is part mechanical, part physics, part art and entertainment, part sport, and plain ol’ fun.

As Jake Hatch freely and humbly admits, he has developed unique talents. Just by managing and navigating the necessary dirty work of getting jobs done properly and safely, he learned how to assume command of a Skid Steer. He learned lessons about precision, balancing weight, and operating a machine to make it do exactly what you want. Each of these acquired skills on any given construction site turns someone potentially vulnerable into someone quite valuable.

What you have to admire about Black Sheep Skid is Jake taking this knowledge and experience from a construction industry work environment where safety is a non-negotiable way of daily life. Then, he turned it all upside down by transforming it into his very own power tool for success as a one of a kind attraction in live entertainment.

Granted, this may sound like a stretch because of the fun involved. But, really the stunts Jake Hatch is performing with Black Sheep Skid are death defying. Much of what he does steering on tight and narrow spaces makes you nervous just watching. Being 9 feet in the air in a big and heavy machine is quite different than falling off a horse. Jake may not be able to get right back in the saddle so to speak. Thank God this consummate professional has NEVER had an accident.

Now in case his stunts weren’t already a good (or bad) enough clever idea, Jake is riding with a new wrinkle of taking passengers for fun and exciting rides through Black Sheep Skid. In the beginning, he designed this strictly for kids. That is until he quickly discovered that kids of ALL ages would have a blast enjoying thrills from his skills.

Enjoy the video here. It will give you a colorful look at Black Sheep Skid. For more information or booking Jake at your event, contact him at his website link we provided for your convenience.

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