Camille Casteel 70th Birthday Parade

It was a planned surprise for her. But the aspect of surprise with the Camille Casteel 70th Birthday Parade ends there. It’s a given folks would want to come together to celebrate Camille. Anyone who really knows the Super Superintendent of the Chandler Unified School District knows this. She is well-liked, loved, and respected by many.

Even as a Covid-19 driven drive by event, people lined up waiting just to spend 5 seconds with her on this special day. Truth be told, probably every single one of us would be willing to do this on any given day.

No doubt about it. I know had it been “open to the public, many more would have been passing through to pay their respects. But Camille’s husband was in on the surprise with Terry Locke, Donna Nigh, and a secret cast within the Chandler Unified School District. They agreed on two key points. First, it was smartest to keep everyone safe during this continued pandemic. And second, trying to pull off a surprise with a hands-on leader would be a fun and memorable adventure.

There were well over 70 good reasons why the Camille Casteel 70th Birthday Parade was a richly deserved tribute.

They go beyond her many years of service to the Chandler Unified School District. The reasons relate to countless lives she’s touched. They could be anywhere over nearly the past five decades. Camille has been touching lives as a first-grade teacher and all along the way to being the Superintendent of the entire school district. In some cases, her impact can be found and felt by three generations of families in Chandler, Arizona.

Personally, I like to remind Dr. Camille Casteel how you can see the first-grade teacher in her is still alive and well in her current role as Superintendent. That is because it is at the heart of every difficult decision she has the responsibility to make. She still cares about all her kiddos and their families. Period. End of lesson. Class is over.

So I hope you enjoy watching this short but sweet video of the Camille Casteel 70th Birthday Parade. Hopefully, you will get a sense of the genuine fun, happiness, and love felt by all. But especially Camille.

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Happy 29th + Birthday Camille!