How do Arizona Teachers Want Schools to Open? AEA President Speaks Out

How will Arizona Schools open the 2020-21 school year? What should happen or will happen is the latest example of our deeply divided state. For insights and inside information on what may happen and why, Arizona LIVE went to a reliable source. Joe Thomas is the President of the Arizona Education Association – AEA.

Joe Thomas was a longtime Arizona teacher. He is now a longtime advocate for them. In his current post representing more than 20,000 of the devoted professionals who make Arizona schools go (or not go), he is on the front line and behind the scenes passionately fighting all of their battles.

Know this. Intentionally during our just completed interview, I did not bring up the terms, “Arizona Teacher Walkout” or “Arizona Teacher Holdout.”I held back because I believed uttering those words today would just spread more fear and anxiety. I’d like to point out how Joe Thomas kindly refrained from making those explosive comments.

Arizona parents, students, and teachers currently have enough fear and anxiety to fill the Grand Canyon. There’s a time and place for that line in the desert sand discussion. But I didn’t want to be responsible for drawing that line today. Rest assured, it’ll be here quickly. As I like to say, “That train is already on the tracks.”

In the meantime, you are cordially invited to put down the mighty ugly mask controversy for just a moment. Let’s face it. The Back to School Crisis is now the state’s biggest and currently at the head of the drama class.

In the video here, we touched on many of the key issues in what was a genuine attempt to be productive and share useful information as many parents are weighing their decision on what they prefer for their students. I hope you find something helpful to you in watching this in-depth interview. As stated in the video, we welcome your comments and questions where this video is posted in social media. Let’s try to have a discussion online which none of our children would be embarrassed to see. Go ahead and keep it real. But please, just try to do it respectfully. Thank you.

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