Love Meets Life

LOVE MEETS LIFE: Stories of love showing up in unexpected ways. Such is the title of a new book by author Tara Ijai. As a mom, wife, friend, business owner, and self-described “Love Rebel,” this Arizona woman knows a thing or two about the topic of love. You will easily read this throughout pages of the Love Meets Life book. And you will see and hear it in the above Arizona LIVE video.

Love Rebel and Author Tara Ijai.

To Tara Ijae, love meant acting with an open mind and open arms in inviting more than 50 writers to contribute stories to the book. Yes, every one of these people and writers has a loving heart like hers. But what is even better is Tara allowed their unique creative minds to run free.

In her book, LOVE MEETS LIFE: Stories of love showing up in unexpected ways, author Tara Ijai shows she knows you dare not force writers to put love into a box like jewelry. She issued no writing mandates, offered no parameters. She simply requested each share examples of what love means to them.

As only love can do, the more you give, the more you get. And what came back to Tara in this creative process is sheer magic. It is a powerful and personal collection of authentic, real-life love stories, not fictional tales of romance. Some people wrote about the trying journey of self-love, those they love deeply, as well as those they lost and still love. Others wrote about race, revolution, love in our universe and love in their career choices.     

Sandy Rogers talks with readers at the LOVE MEETS LIFE book launch.

And then there is my dear friend, Sandy Rogers. (Do not waste your time here calling me biased. That is not an act of love. Besides, I readily admit to being biased when it comes to Sandy Rogers. For years I have been blessed to know and love her). Anyway, this genuinely kind Phoenix Love Rebel bravely poured her heart and soul onto her pages of the LOVE MEETS LIFE book.

In the chapter called, Sacrifice for Love, Sandy describes her experience of getting pregnant as a 15-year old in 1963. I will not spoil the impact by sharing many details here. But Sandy was the victim of a witch hunt like experience. Sadly, members of the mob included those who held power over her, and those she thought absolutely loved her. Though she was too young and seemingly clueless about becoming a teenage mom, Sandy stood tall and alone in making one of the most difficult loving choices any mother could.

Much about love has changed since 1963. And much about love has changed since   early 2020. It makes sense since love is like energy, constantly flowing and creating. But one thing is the same about Sandy Rogers and Tara Ijai. These two friends fought back against personal life challenges past and present. And they each did so with love.  

Even if you have been hiding under a rock for 2020, you know the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has killed many people, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions. It has wounded many more, including some of the healthiest among us. And practically every single person in touch with a human heart has suffered emotionally from the pandemic.

I wish we could. Believe me I do. But we cannot and should not ignore the toxic conditions spreading like a virus and dividing America over politics, power, control and fear. Thank goodness the 2020 presidential election is closing as pages of LOVE MEETS LIFE: Stories of love showing up in unexpected ways are opening.


Tara Ijai considers herself to be an incredibly positive person. Yet even she admits life in 2020 was knocking her down. But because Tara owns the power of love, she used it to help herself out of fear and negativity. Love got her back on her feet and back into her heart. Now, she is sharing her creative expression in a book serving like an emotional vaccine for the heart in the year 2020.

LOVE MEETS LIFE: Stories of love showing up in unexpected ways is easily available on Amazon. Author Tara Ijae built a powerful new community by creating this book. And by reading even one story, I hope you will feel the love, share the love, and enjoy living life as a member.

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