San Tan Valley Veteran’s Garden

San Tan Valley has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years. It’s about time the availability of services for military veterans in the area grew, too. Enter Service Officer Dennis Gardner and others at the Joe Foss American Legion Post 97 in Florence, Arizona. The San Tan Valley Veteran’s Garden is the latest sign of that growth.

Brick by Brick. You Can Help Pave the Way for a Successful San Tan Valley Veteran Center.

The Pave the Way Program offers a win-win opportunity for families and businesses to show respect and remembrance for a special Veteran. The added benefit is buying a brick in the garden area is an important fundraiser for the San Tan Valley Veteran Center. It’s all part of the center’s plan to be financially self-sufficient and not have to rely on funding from grants.

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Veterans at the San Tan Valley Veteran Center Memorial Garden Dedication Ceremony.

For Veterans such as Dennis Gardner, dedication to serving others who served our country is a way of life at this place. However yesterday was the official ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony. It was done before a safe audience of around 100 Veterans and their families. Pearl Harbor Survivor Jack Holder was one of them. The highly decorated World War II Navy Aviator is the subject of an Arizona LIVE television documentary.

Perhaps the most passionate of the speakers at the morning event was Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb. He heads a law enforcement department which serves and protects an area about the size of the state of Connecticut. Sheriff Lamb proudly talked about their programs to support Veterans, and also how is son is current serving in the Middle East in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Wanda A. Wright, Director of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services spoke, too. She was also one of those to cut the ceremonial ribbon for the San Tan Valley Veteran’s Garden. She talked about the challenging time Covid-19 is creating for many of the men and women who have served in the U.S. Military. In addition to cutting the ribbon, Ms. Wright knows the value for Veterans in cutting through the government red tape which stands between them and receiving the benefits they deserve.

For more information on the San Tan Valley Veteran’s Garden or the Veteran Center as a whole, please visit the website we’ve listed here.

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