Sedona Golf Experience with Boots

Just in time for Veteran’s Day 2020. This is a true story of Pearl Harbor Survivor Jack Holder having a Sedona Golf experience with Boots. But this round was not unique because of what he wore on his feet. (Jack wore one of his seemingly 50 pair of golf shoes). It was special because of who he played with in the beautiful red rock country. “Boots” was one of the one-of-a-kind characters in his great foursome.

Let me tee up this heartwarming story for you.

Don Robins was the engine. The retired General Motors automotive engineer is Jack Holder’s neighbor and longtime golf buddy in Chandler, Arizona. Don and his lovely bride Judith, enjoy escaping the heat by heading north for visits and enjoying their own Sedona golf experiences.

Don’s love of the game and laughter got him welcomed into the informal group at the Canyon Mesa Country Club called, “The Dollar Gang.” Unlike street gangs, there is nothing to fear about these members. They are simply old-timers still living life and loving golf. Most of them are surely more dangerous driving cars than they are driving golf balls.

Thanks to Don Robins (left) for driving this special golf event.

Like the golden poster boys of Sedona golf, they play year-round. And when they do, each man puts money into a kitty. As friends more than foes, they compete for best team scores and closest to the pin honors. The older the player is, the closer starting point he gets to try to hit the green. And who better to trust with the money than a true man of God, “Rev” Averill?

Don Robins’ face lights up when speaking of his Sedona golf buddies. As soon as he began telling me about Boots being 101 years old and a World War II Veteran, it fit like a glove in my mind. I suggested to Don, “We just have to take Jack up there to play a round with Boots.”

Being just a mere pup closing in on his 99th birthday, Jack thought it sounded like fun. A Sedona golf outing? Playing with Don and another Arizona World War II Veteran? And the guy is actually “older?” Jack Holder was all in.

So Don Robins did what he knows well. He put the idea into motion with the divine intervention of Rev Averill.

Wait until you see the attached video. You will not have to picture what it was like to ride along with this unique foursome. War stories could wait. Swings and things for them are not like they used to be on the golf course. But because of their love for life, laughs, and the game, you’ll enjoy moments of a Sedona golf experience you won’t want to miss.      

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