Why Arizona LIVE ?

Here’s why. Plain and simple. We care. You’d think Arizona LIVE was a customer service company. We are. Even better, wouldn’t you like working with trusted professionals who know and do the big and the little things? (We all know they’re not so little).

This is Arizona LIVE. Our focus is on your needs, and helping you achieve and enjoy success. Oh yeah. To do all this, it just so happens our business creates social media videos connecting your brand with your audience online.

Arizona LIVE: Putting Professional Video in Your Audience’s Hands.

Go to the Grand Canyon. Walk Whiskey Row in Prescott. Meander down Main Street in Mesa. Pick a place in your neighborhood. On any given day or night, you’ll come across amateur photographers and videographers.

They make up some of the world’s nearly 4 billion smartphone users right now. That means 4 billion people are equipped with a video camera in their hands.

What that doesn’t mean is they’re qualified or the right fit…to do online videos marketing, promoting, and representing, your brand. They’re not Arizona LIVE.

If a person’s resume highlight was they watched every Netflix episode of “The Office,” that wouldn’t qualify them to manage your staff. Or, just because someone had a calculator on their iPhone, you wouldn’t hire them to be your accountant. Right?

If you’re responsible for a business, organization, or event, you must choose your team members wisely. This is especially important with highly visible roles. Do you really want to risk relying on any amateur to produce your videos when it’s a skilled professional’s job?

Your audience has made this true:

Across our Great State of Arizona, online video plays both highly important and highly visible roles in sales and marketing success.

Unless you’ve been living under Bell Rock in Sedona, you know. You’ve seen the rapidly rising power video has today. Just look at the actions of your customers, co-workers, friends or family members.

So, we’re not going to waste time here “selling” you on the concept. There’s no need. If your eyes are open and you’re honest with yourself, you see the eyes of your audience are focused online with their computers or smartphone devices.

Years ago, small business owners wanted videos to tell their story. But it was a harder picture to see. The question often getting in the way was, “How can we afford to do promotional and marketing videos?

Now it’s a whole new world for Arizona businesses, organizations, and events. If you want to survive change, drive traffic to your products and services, and thrive in a new highly competitive marketplace, there is a question you need to be asking today (if not yesterday).

 “How can we afford NOT to do online videos?   

This explains, ”Why Arizona LIVE?”:

You get decades of award-winning experience in creative visual storytelling.

You get people who listen to you. Then add their expertise to produce custom online video content with your target messaging.

You work with people who live in Arizona and know the community.

You get views and attention to increase your visibility.

On top of building brand awareness, your continued videos build a connection, engagement, and support with your audience. 

You remain relevant, respected, and easily within reach of your customers and potential customers.

You keep eyes on your brand instead of on your competition.

And by working with us, you get a successful online video campaign you can easily afford…but can no longer afford not to have. 

This gives you a snapshot of the benefits you’ll receive working with Arizona LIVE. If this sounds good, take the next step fulfilling toward your marketing and promotion goals. Please complete our contact form. Let’s get rolling!