What to write about writing? Yes, Arizona LIVE is a customer service company that produces social media videos. But writing is at the heart of so much we do. Sometimes it is fun. At all times, we take writing seriously.

Words always matter in delivering your messaging to your audience. Whether it’s in a document, website, image, or video script, the quality of writing is a reflection on you and your brand.

When done well, writing helps. Done poorly it hurts. Unfortunately, you rarely know how much.

Writing is part art. It’s part science. And like a chef prepares for hours behind the scenes before cooking the delicious meal a server presents at your table, writing also requires effort. Granted, it’s not landscaping, driving a truck, or caring for patients as a medical professional. But whether you’re sitting or standing to do it, writing IS work.

The famous quote of former Philadelphia Phillies Manager Danny Ozark about baseball easily applies to writing as well.

Writing is painful for many. It’s a pleasure to some. At Arizona LIVE, that’s our problem, not yours.  😊

Here are the professional writing services we provide:

Video Scripts:

Our video scripts include more than just words. Writing the words to be read or spoken on camera in a video can be highly effective. However, whenever possible, we like to match everything with visuals in advance. Think of it like writing in pictures. This way we can have a better idea of what elements to shoot and how to shoot them. This script writing strategy can often create the best plan for efficiently shooting video with a purpose.

Talking points:

Yes, it is mandatory to know your audience and ideal customer. But in producing videos for you, it is critically important to identify what method of writing works best for you. Some feel as though scripting is too rigid for their messaging. So they prefer a conversational delivery for their audience. For these, think of it as writing in “bullet points.”

At Arizona LIVE, we are skilled and experienced at creating talking points. These should be prepared and delivered in a cohesive way which flows seamlessly. There’s an easy to follow beginning, middle, and end. Nobody enjoys watching videos featuring a scattered and rambling person. Yes, there is such a thing as negative views which can hurt you.


Interviewing is a lost art. You may not think about it as such, but you know it. Chances are, you’ve had an experience watching an interview on TV and saying, “That was a dumb question!” Right?

You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a repeat performance like that in videos about your brand. Whether you are the interviewer or interviewee, the disconnection from the viewer takes place.

LIke a video script or talking points, an interview should flow nicely for a viewer. Granted the conversation can veer off in different directions, but a skilled interviewer knows when to follow, and when to get back on course. As we said at the start, interviewing is a lost art. But it’s alive and well at Arizona LIVE.

Make the right choice on writing for your audience. Contact Arizona LIVE now.